Month: February 2019

Model for Deception

So, it’s a good news/bad news type of deal. The good news: I requested a Kirkus Reviews of Model for Deception: A Vangie Street Mystery. This is what I call my “fashion model detective novel.” Here’s the book jacket on the novel: Vangie Street is older—thirty-two to be exact—when she takes up modeling in the “big...

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The Next Big Thing

I am soooo excited to announce The Next Big Thing. Here are a few hints: It’s a collaboration. It’s a novel. It’s artistic. It’s the most unique thing I’ve ever done. (Drum roll please): The Next Big Thing are special edition novels written by me and hand bound by artist and bookmaker Marisa Whitsett...

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The Big Head, Part II

Here we are at Part II of making my 2019 Mardi Gras costume. If you’ve joined us now, you can go back to this blog post to catch up with Part I. After a period of letting the Paper Mache dry (tick, tock), I added two more layers of Paper Mache, with the final one being copy paper because supposedly...

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The Big Head

My Mardi Gras costume this year involves a big head mask. I knew I wanted to Paper Mache it (I did a LOT of Paper Mache when I was making crosses—I bought the sectioned frames artists use to stretch canvas, put them together for the correct size, then Paper Mached them either as a base to further decorate or with colored tissue, etc as the...

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