Month: August 2015

Rehab: Week 1

For the first fifteen minutes, I had to hold back tears. No way I could stand in the gym where once I loved to balance on my forearms while lifting my legs to a ninety-degree angle or stretch out for an inverted sit up or smoothly move the hip abductor machine and not realize the dramatic decline in my health. Thanks to my crappy hips, for two...

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Day Tripping: The Old Forest

My husband and I have brought our Day Tripping act to Memphis. We’ve walked the Green Line where an old railroad track once traversed the city. Bikers tore up and down the asphalt, calling, “To your left!” while Tom and I plodded along. We were the only walkers, though one lone rollerblader silently glided past. Today, we walked...

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Brain Health and Otherwise

A friend of mine inspired me to quit checking my phone while driving. By “driving” I mean looking at my phone at any point between turning the key in the ignition and turning off the engine. Before, I never texted while driving or checked emails or anything else. I did it at stoplights. I wasn’t driving, right? But a few times...

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Day Tripper

I swore, when I realized I was destined to replace both my God-given hips with two metal cyborg stand-ins, to make the absolute most of my upgrade. I decided (after consulting with my husband) to become an intentional walker. What this means is walking not as exercise, but walking to a destination, with hints of pilgrimaging and contemplative...

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Do You Know New Orleans?

Do you know the French Quarter? St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square Do you know it more than Mardis Gras Day? Learning Learning more Learning still Do you know it as a literary place? Faulkner House Books Pirate’s Alley where William Faulkner lived and wrote The city of Tennessee Williams and John Kennedy O’Toole               What...

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Laissez le bon temps rouler

We leave New Orleans in a week. We’ve spent a lot of time here this year as I’ve gone through two (yikes!) hip replacements. To say our time hasn’t been optimized for fun is an understatement. But last week I was released from outpatient therapy, and it was as if the PT had yelled, “Ready, set, go!” We’ve taken...

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