Month: March 2014

The Community of Doers

I am going to start a new church. We’ll be called a community of doers. No more community of believers for us. In this church, nothing must you believe; you needn’t even believe in doing. We won’t approve of what you are doing. We won’t disapprove of what you are doing or not doing. All we ask is that you want to do. BTW—you can’t join this church. You...

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St. Joseph Walks into a Bar

Tomorrow is St. Joseph’s Day. We will be joining in the festivities at Love Lost Lounge in the Mariny. The bar’s owner is continuing a tradition from his childhood of offering a St. Joseph Altar for the neighborhood. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the altar walking home from the Healing Center. Last year, Tom and I went with...

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I Take My Lent Seriously

For Lent, I gave up critiquing people. Well, actually I adopted a practice of launching into a critique only to pop my hand over my mouth and say, “Oh, sh!t. I gave up critiquing people for Lent.” So, in fact, for Lent, I took on cursing. * I hate to announce my intent because, as my husband correctly points out, my creations often...

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Decomposing the Vote

Why do they call it a dead heat? Because the originator of the phrase was from the South, and she knew what heat can do to you? Or do the dead actually emit heat when decomposing? At this point you’re probably asking yourself, why would her mind go there, and why on earth is she sharing it with us? (BTW: don’t research this question—you...

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Which Novel Next?

If I tell you my one-sentence pitch, will you tell me which novel you’d rather read? Model for Deception When her model partner disappears, a Memphis fashion model uses her “clothes whisperer” skills to investigate the case, only to discover clues to the murder of her long-lost favorite cousin. In the Name of Mississippi A young documentarian...

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The Rules are the Selur

Does anyone else obsess over contest rules? I read and re-read and read yet again. I create a bullet point document with submission requirements. I check the FAQ in case there’s a question I haven’t thought of but others have and it’s really important. I mull over questions maybe the contest hasn’t thought of—everyone...

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