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Which Novel Next?

If I tell you my one-sentence pitch, will you tell me which novel you’d rather read?

Model for Deception
When her model partner disappears, a Memphis fashion model uses her “clothes whisperer” skills to investigate the case, only to discover clues to the murder of her long-lost favorite cousin.

In the Name of Mississippi
A young documentarian returns to the South to film a historic civil rights lawsuit, but when the case begins to fall apart, the mixed-race young man must confront his own uncertain place in the world.

1011 St. Lawrence Street
In the racially charged 1970s, the death of the family patriarch deprives a Raleigh, North Carolina family of its moral center, affecting two young cousins—Casey, the beautiful outcast and Emily, the reluctant favorite—quite differently.

The Bone Trench
A controversial private prison project brings Mother Mary and her son Jesus back to modern-day Memphis where Mother Mary is determined—this time—to protect her son from harm.

I’ve finished revision on Train Trip: Lucinda Mae’s Quest for Love, Honor, and the Chickens, and I think I’d like to revise another novel before I return to Jazzy, my Katrina novel. But you can vote on that too: As Hurricane Katrina approaches, an eleven year old girl must evacuate her beloved New Orleans to stay with her deceased father’s family in Mississippi as she awaits the birth of her new sibling.

What do you think?

here’s to Creative Synthesis . . .

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