St. Joseph Walks into a Bar

Tomorrow is St. Joseph’s Day. We will be joining in the festivities at Love Lost Lounge in the Mariny. The bar’s owner is continuing a tradition from his childhood of offering a St. Joseph Altar for the neighborhood. A couple of years ago, I stumbled upon the altar walking home from the Healing Center. Last year, Tom and I went with Cammie and Aubrey. This year, we’ll go with Cammie, Aubrey, and Searcy. I believe we have created a family tradition.
In thanks to the bar, I made it a gift:

LLL heart
LLL heart

which is a bready version of the lounge’s logo: a heart with a dagger in it.
I also made a Prewitt family icon:
a fish, in honor of Peche Restaurant, which today was announced to be a Finalist in the James Beard Award for New Restaurants, along with Ryan being a Finalist in the Best Chef-South category.
For Aubrey, I made the traditional St. Joseph octopus:

and the actually traditional cross:

There was also a P, but it’s not worth posting a photo of.
Working in bread is not easy.
Tomorrow we will see amazing crawfish and alligators and Sacred Hearts, all of them readily recognizable. For my creations, it’s the thought that counts. But I do like the little fish (here it is again:)


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  • Ellen Morris Prewitt

    And to you as well. The funny thing is, I’m not a cook. I had to throw away the first batch of yeast because I forgot to stir the sprinkled sugar into the water. So I was pleased they rose and looked kind of like I intended. We’ll see what Ryan thinks about his fish. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

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