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  • Ellen, it looks really great. When I subscribed under my email address, I got a page that came up saying that there was no such page. No big deal, but maybe an easy fix.
    Will I have to sign in every time I comment on here? Or will there be ways to do it, such as Disqus?

    • Thanks, Luanne, for the feedback. I’ve contacted my web designer and told her of your problem. Also, asked her the question about signing up. Thanks so much for alerting me to these tweaks—I’m thinking I will have a lot of them!

  • Yes, that’s what happens when you have a young web designer: small point size. I actually asked her about increasing the font on the blog only but, alas, I don’t think it can be done. I’ll just have to write BIG! Thanks so much for following me over here!

    • LOL – I am on my desktop now, which is definitely an improvement over my chromebook, which I was on when I made the first comment. I do know how to increase the size there if my eyes can’t make the adjustment. I don’t want you to have to write BIG or people will think you are shouting. 😉 I may also have to use my new office lenses rather than my regular progressive lenses when I use my laptop soon. Fifty-odd-year-old eyes are hard to keep up with!

      • Amazingly, my eyes started getting better after I turned fifty. My optometrist said that wasn’t so unusual. Not enough to matter, really, but it did my heart good for something to not be going straight downhill.

  • “You’re very welcome, Ellen. It’s an honor to be part of bringing your “very southern voice” to life. Working with you on this site was an absolute joy!

    Plus, I got to read and listen to some really powerful stuff along the way, all of which resonated and inspired in multiple ways. I’m quite looking forward to reading much more in the years to come. 🙂


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