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Veterans Day

We went to our Memphis grandson’s Grandparent’s Day. As part of the program, they sang each of the songs of the branches of the military. The emcee (yes, the program had an emcee) asked us as members of the audience to stand up when we had a relative in that branch of the service. I could have stood for each branch except for the Coast Guard. And I was willing to stand for the Coast Guard because they saved New Orleans after Katrina. On this Veterans Day, I share them with you:

The Navy: both my dads in WWII. One on an aircraft carrier, one on a ocean-going tugboat. Both in the Pacific. Both too young to be waging war. Thankfully, both made it back home.

The Air Force: my uncle and my father-in-law

The Army: both my grandfathers in WWI and my cousin

The Marines: my uncle and my cousin.

I don’t think of myself as coming from a “military family.” But it is woven through and through on both sides of my DNA. To all of them, I say thank you. I extend that to all who are reading this blog post who have served or are serving: on this Veterans Day, I thank you.

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