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  • Ellen, thanks for this post but more for putting yourself out there. Fyi: The word press blog seems great for posting but to leave a comment , it asks for my word press id and pw. That most be how all blogs behave but it is not like social media. Do you agree? C

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Thanks for the support, Charlie. We shall see what happens.
      I will ask my web designer if this will be the case for the new blog. Doesn’t seem right. I mean, lots of folks who want to comment might not have a word press id, right? I’ll let you know, and thanks for alerting me.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      But poetry is so hard! I so admire poets — the power in the brevity. I just wrote another post about Zeugmas – do you ever use that device in your poetry? I got the word from today’s A.Word.A.Day entry, whose emails I also love. Thanks for reading, commenting, and supporting!

      • LOL – I had to go read the post to find out what zeugmas are. I don’t think I have ever used one. My poems tend to use more metaphor or choosing a small detail to elicit a much larger picture. I also confess that I am more of an accidental poet than a learned one. It’s entirely possible that I use other devices without even knowing there is a name for them.

  • Ellen Morris Prewitt

    That’s me, Joanne – who knew this was a real thing with a name, even? I look forward to reading some of your poetry.

    • I wish I could say I have a chapbook out, but that will be a long time down the road, if ever. There are a few of my poems scattered about on my blog, which you can find if you click on the poetry category, although some of the posts will be others’ poems or related happenings. I’d like to put more poetry on the blog but journals don’t like your poem to be online and may disqualify it as previously published. If I ever give up on appearing in literary journals, I’ll have lots of material to put on my blog…

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