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Thomas Aubrey Hill Prewitt: A Found Poem

When all of my friends and
loved ones
exuberated at the birth of
my grandbaby,
I saved their words
and found a poem.
The words are now tucked
in a handmade book
to be delivered
Here they are:

Thomas Aubrey Hill Prewitt: A Found Poem

Babies take their own time coming into our world
wander around New Orleans,
people pretend not to notice
holding on tight
on the roof of the world—
what a fine way
to welcome a baby.

Now it’s time to get down to business.

A big baby
all those prenatal vitamins
some historical record
tall like his grandpaw Tom
married to a chef,
devoted to the baby.

Saint Thomas
heralding the arrival
preserves on biscuits for breakfast
close to heaven for a Southern girl
spoil him rotten

The mama falls asleep and the baby falls asleep
that close snuggly comfort
pleased with existence
a beautiful name
tired parents
joy joy joy
who dat!
born in NOLA in June
love his hair do
the start of some really big fun
give that baby a hug!

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