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It’s hard for me to get anything done. Chores pop up like weasels. After one is completed—there!—the next grins at me, chittering for attention. Each day, I look up only to discover it’s two o’clock in the afternoon, and I need a nap. With Tom’s hip surgery difficulties, I’m performing three jobs: mine, his, and the caregiver’s, though my greater impediment is that, when I do get free time, my psychological energy isn’t for crap. I’ve managed to pick up Harboring Evil to revise based on my agent’s feedback, but most of it’s being done after I go to bed. I swear even the dog has become more needy, sensing something is off and wanting reassurances, which I am happy to give, but her sleeping on my head during last night’s thunderstorm was not appreciated.

How can I say no to this face?

The really good news is that Tom is doing SO MUCH BETTER. He’s able to do tons more for himself, even cooking some of these dried beans I bought for our “laying in” (I’m not one much for food, and the need to focus on meals three times a day depletes me.) Next week, we go to the surgeon to learn the next step in this journey, but I’m hopeful his hip has healed stronger than before and the doc says, keep on keeping on.

Speaking of keeping on, the march of coronavirus deaths in New Orleans seems to have halted, at least temporarily. The city only recorded one death in the last 24 hours. One stat does not a trend make (the small number could be due to a lag in reporting; plus, the number of hospitalized and those on ventilators increased after a multi-day decline), but it’s good news.

You can thank New Orleans for its compliance. The city, which has been getting bashed by no-nothing commentators, acted swiftly to halt parades, close bars and restaurants, and issue shelter-in-place orders. When folks wouldn’t comply with the no-congregating rules at parks, Mayor Cantrell ordered the goal posts removed. While the national task force was standing shoulder-to-shoulder at press conferences, Mayor Cantrell spaced out her speakers like players on a chessboard. So don’t bring me this revisionist history about New Orleans, the laissez le bon temps rouler city, acting irresponsibly. It’s the same false narrative that followed Hurricane Katrina where lazy New Orleanians whined for federal aid rather than taking care of themselves. It’s ugly BS, and I won’t have it.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for Extreme Weather in the area on Easter Sunday. Thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes. Because there isn’t enough going on already. However, I must note that these babies came out after the roiling thunderstorm last night that led Evangeline to sit on my head. So may life continue.

Welcome volunteers from last summer
Bigmama’s rose bush about to burst into bloom

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  • I am too exhausted to even read every word. Your email popped up in the midst of my dozens and dozens of work emails and I saw you said that about 2PM. Then I read until I saw that Tom is getting better. That is wonderful!!! I’m sorry for being a bad reader, but my eyes aren’t even functioning properly I am so tired. Every single day for at least 2.5 weeks now I work work work and then think it might be late morning and it is either 2PM or 2:30PM. I kid you not!! Then begins that slide toward the end of the day with way too much to do. I don’t have a recovering husband here, but a chaos of small business and personal financial and other stuff. Add to that COOKING THREE MEALS A DAY EVERY SINGLE DAY. Ick and double ick. I’m done. Sending love and you both are still in my prayers.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Oh, I understand, Luanne. I get email notices from bloggers I kind of follow and think, I just can’t read this right now. Thank you so much for keeping us in your prayers. You and the business and your family are in mine as well. (And what is it with these humans needing to eat THREE times a day?!?)

  • I think you deserve the rest your body craves. Our Puritan ancestors would have said that you are embracing the false covenant of works. You know you need to take care of all three: the cook, the caregiver, and the artiste. Rest well

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Well, we had a food pick-up scheduled for this afternoon cancel, so on your advice, I’m going to take a nap! (That’ll teach me for complaining about food…)

  • Good morning, Ellen,

    Pleased to hear Tom is well and Evangeline is, too and behaving like any self-respecting intuitive creature should during a thunderstorm.

    I understand your difficulty focusing and reading other blogs. I can’t keep reading about the effects of the CV-19 on lives without wanting to tunnel deep into the earth so I’ve minimized social media time, too. Not that I’m ignoring what’s going on, but I am keeping a distance from non-essential information.

    CV time is a speed individual to each of us, I suspect. I find the days whizzing by, fuzzily the same. I’m letting myself rest when my head and my body need it. This, after spending several weeks busily trying to accomplish things but forgetting half-way thru what I was doing and why.

    Remember to take care of yourself. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your friends and family. They know you’ll return the favour when asked. We need each other. As your surgeon says, Keep on keepin’ on.

    Hugs to you from afar.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      You are right, this time is truly odd. When the need to take a nap overcomes me, I find myself reciting what I’ve done during the day, trying to figure out what has sapped my energy. It isn’t helpful. And I go take a nap anyway. And thank you for the reminder to ask for help. It is a kind and generous reminder. Take care, e

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