Things I Noticed Today

a robin chirping

the wind chimes tinkling

the pressure washing going on next door

a plane piloted by my neighbor buzzing his house, twice

a barge coming down the Wolf River Harbor

my husband coughing as he took a nap

the dog scratching at the closet door

the weed-eater

the chainsaw

the tree limb scratching against the side of the house

the heavy truck rumbling down the street

a ski boat, twice

workers yelling at each other


so many noises the helpful brain filters out so you don’t even hear them . . . unless you’re recording, then you do


here’s to creative synthesis  . . . .



creative synthesis, podcasting

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  • I have often thought that it would be really cool to record sounds like those–mundane things, like copy machines, dishwashers, revving engines, air conditioners, etc.–and mix them into a song. Maybe you can do that and use it as theme music for your audio.

    • You know who’s doing the theme music for my audio? Robb Pate -Elvis – one of the founding members of the writing group. After a writing group Retreat, he sang one of his songs at St. Mary’s church, The Lights of Home. The church gave me a recording of it and June more or less made me his literary executor – she gave me all his writings. So I’m using snippets of his song for the intro and outro, with attribution to him as the songwriter and singer. It makes me happy every time I hear it.

      • That’s so awesome! Liz has a CD of Robb. I never knew him, but Liz speaks of him so often and so fondly, that I feel like I do. That adds a lot to your endeavor–for you and for the listener.

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