The Slant of the Poet

Sometimes, poetry has to teach you how to read it. Valeriu DG Barbu’s poetry at his blog is like that. Poet, writer, and playwright of Romanian origin settled in Rome, Italy, Mr. Barbu writes in English, Italian, and Romanian. I love the unpredictable imagery in his work, the sudden change in direction. Each post is accompanied by photos that add to the meaning of the words. Like several of the blogs I am covering in this series on blogs of strangers, Mr. Barbu’s blog is full of variety.
What do you learn from the fact I like this blog? I admire the unexpected is an obvious answer. I like poetry? I have to admit this is often not true. Sometimes I find poems too inaccessible; also, too precious, as if the poet has spent too much time bent over, searching for the perfect word, which of course is the point of poetry.
Why I admire this exactitude in prose and get a little squirmy around it in poetry, I don’t know. It may say something about how very important it is that a poet’s work resonate with one’s own view of life. If so, you learn a lot by my love of Mr. Barbu’s slant on life, his use of words, his playfulness, and sometimes the darkness hidden in the point made.

Remember: You Cain’t Do Nothing with Love


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