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The Dog’s Happiness

I think I’ve found the key to happiness. All I have to do is ask, did the dog have a good day? If the answer is yes, life is moving in the right direction.

Think about it. What Evangeline loves more than anything is going for a walk. The walk takes me outside in the fresh air (does that sound like your mom–“go get some fresh air!”?) and I’m exercising, good for the heart and soul.

No, I misstated that. What she actually loves best is when my husband and I take her for a walk together. We each take her out separately at different times in the day. But together? That sends her into paroxysm of joy. I’m not kidding. I keep thinking I’ll take a video of it, how she runs in circles then jumps on me then on Tom then runs in circles some more. She is absolutely delighted. And her delight means I’m walking and talking and catching up with my husband’s life while seeing the neighborhood and getting some exercise.

Second on her list of “And it was good” activities is sleeping upstairs on the bed while I write. Long time ago I saw one of those “writers at work” picture books that showed famous writers writing. One of the writers was lounging on the bed. I thought, well, I never. Now, I am that writer. It started during my hip convalescence, and it has extended into modern times. Why? Because it gives the dog great joy (cough, cough). Seriously, she races me upstairs to see who can get to the bed the fastest. Then she lays out her full length and glances over her shoulder at me, like, shall we begin? If I ever actually sell the novel I’m working on, I may have to dedicate it to the dog.

So. Writing. Exercising. Spending time outside. Catching up with my husband.

I’m telling you, it’s the perfect yardstick. πŸ™‚

key to happiness

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