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The Butterfly Emerges

My web presence is about to transform from a fuzzy caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly. I love caterpillars, their chunky little bodies moving with unexpected grace. But a butterfly!

Soon, you’ll be able to actually read this blog—no more black background making you squint and ultimately blame me when you discover you’ve developed eye wrinkles. Instead, you’ll glide over my words with the ease of a yoghurt mask slathering onto tired faces.

Soon, no more a little of me over here and a little over there, my various blogs and websites like the poor Scarecrow after the Wicked Witch’s monkeys got ahold of him. Instead, for better or worse, you will find all my eccentricities in one place.

Soon, I’ll be able to update my offerings whenever the notion enters my flighty brain. No more essays from 2009 or announcements about my book about to come out (which it did in 2009) or references to an agent I no longer have. Instead, I will be as fresh as a flower newly blooming in spring.

When you visit my new website, you won’t wonder where I come from. You’ll know I’m Southern, but a Southerner who doesn’t run away from the racism of the world she was born into. You’ll know I love God, but as a Christian whose fiction might make you blush. You’ll know no matter how biting my humor, I carry in my heart unending grief. You’ll know I’ve spent seven years with men and women who struggle against homelessness, and yet I’ve been hired to show the most expensive, beautiful clothes in Memphis. You’ll know I write.

When you visit my new website, you’ll have a new experience. Again, for better or worse, you’ll know who I am. And while that’s a bit scary, it’s also exhilarating.

I’m sure the butterfly felt the same way the morning she awoke with wings.

here’s to creative synthesis . . . .

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