THAT’s Creativity?

Creativity is the glue that holds my life together. This week in my creative life, I:

  • re-explored Facebook’s Notes feature
  • published a long, involved blog post
  • put together a new outfit that I liked so much I wore it two days in a row
  • did final edits on an essay before sliding it into the metaphorical drawer for its “out of sight/out of mind” resting period
  • began reading the Count of Monte Cristo as research for the new pirate novel
  • made up a story for Searcy while he sucked on his nighttime bottle
  • drafted the next blog post (not this one!)
  • decide to offer, and began formulating, a creativity workshop for next year
  • designed pirate costumes for Tom and me
  • conversed about a new blog for the Door of Hope writing group
  • crafted many sentences for FB status updates
  • boiled sea oats to (possibly) make a cross
  • filed essays and short stories with umpteen literary journals (really not part of my creative life, but necessary business support of that life)
  • back-and-forthed on a custom Thumb Prayer request
  • drafted my vocational credo
  • plotted the redesign of my front yard
  • critiqued a friend’s essay
  • tinkered with my Pinterest boards on the new beach house
  • revised a short story for submission to Conjunction’s “Friendship” issue
  • updated an essay that won a contest but was never published
  • snapped a few pictures


How about you? How much of your daily life actually involves creativity? No, I didn’t create a musical or theatrical masterpiece. I do my work in clothes, the blank page, home and yard, detritus as art material. The commonness of the medium does not make it any less creative.

Where does your creativity spill out? Do you give yourself credit for the impulse? For the talent? Do you see the love in doing what you do?

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Comments (22)

    • Food is a perfectly-legitimate, wonderful medium for creativity. Tom does it all the time. Me, not so much; as in, not at all.
      The pirate novel is the re-work of the Jazzy novel to add a fantasy element. I’m becoming a semi-expert on pirates. 🙂

    • A friend of mine moved from Memphis to New Orleans where she opened a fabulous shop on Magazine that offers workshops of all types. She’s asked me to lead one next year. I’m excited about it (and you’ll certainly hear about it—as if I could ever keep my mouth shut!)

  • For the past couple of weeks my creativity seemed to be my best friend, as we both drafted the synopsis of my next novel. This week, however, well… it seems I’m all alone, and at the worst place possible; right before the end.

  • OK, this is about the 5th time my comment timed out on your blog. What is that about? I was saying that your list is inspiring and that I hope you create pirates sans hooks. I’m not sure if that image existed before Peter Pan, but it’s very demoralizing for people who actually have to use them (like my cousin).
    I’ve been traveling for over a week and ahalf and it’s difficult to be creative when traveling–maybe it’s the way we do it or all the gluten free chasing we do but other than photos, I can’t do much. So I find it exhausting!

    • I want ALL of your comments–I have to find out why it’s timing out on you. And, yes—no hooks. No Johnny Depp mannerisms, either, which is harder than you think. But I’m doing a lot of research on Jean Laffite to get as much of a historic picture as I can, hoping that will drive the character.
      I’m sorry about the exhausting travel. Does your creative muse like quiet? I think that about poets but it might be a stereotype. I hope you can return home soon and let your creativity flow—the results are so nice. 🙂

  • Sounds a lot like work. No wonder I fall short in this category. Still if nothing else points to your seriousness of purpose, this does.

    • Some of these activities wore me out—the long post on Loyd’s book, slowly drafting the next post. Others really energized me—updating the old essay, visualizing the workshop with Emma next year, putting together pirate costumes, experimenting with sea oats. And I could tinker on Pinterest all day long. I bet your creativity list looks very different, but I bet it’s there.

  • I entered a comment early this morning, but it was only a sentence so it didn’t time out… but is was it was a great way to start the day…Coffee, God and Ellen being Ellen. Thanks.

  • I’m back to tell you that your list inspired me to try something new. I don’t often have the time to write every day but your note about Facebook got me thinking I could write one decent sentence every day about anything and post it to FB.

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