Thank you, Daddy

When I was young, I loathed the publication of grief. I hated the wail of ambulances, screaming death through the streets. Even more, I detested the sight of the black crawling hearse, dragging all of us unwillingly into the otherwise-private funeral procession.
I’ve mellowed in those opinions, which I held very strongly, very vocally. But it occurred to me yesterday that daddy died peacefully at home, no ambulance necessary. His resting place will be an urn, no need for a casket. We’ll drive the urn to Chapel Hill, no hearse-led death parade. We will inter him ourselves with a shovel, no need for the sordid green tent and folding chairs.
I know Daddy did not take into account my peculiarities when deciding his funeral. Still, I appreciate it. love you, Daddy.

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  • I have been to so many funerals lately, I have almost gotten used to them. I agree with you that simplicity is best. My brother’s funeral included full military honors and which thus marked the best parts of his life. He will be buried in the national cemetery, but my son’s ashes rest on the shores of a lake where he caught his first fish.

  • Beautifully stated. I’m that way as well. I like to carry my grief away from prying eyes, to remember my loved ones peacefully and with simple truth, just as you’ve stated here. My condolences on your loss, and thank you for sharing this.

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