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Tag: I Feel to Believe

Six Month Literary Assessment

I made a resolution at the first of the year. What was the resolution? To hold book conversations. Specifically, “I’ve decided that, with the enjoyment the books have given me, I owe the authors to get the word out on their work.” Let’s look at my six month literary assessment. So far this year, I’ve done 10 blog posts...

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Writing in Troubling Times: Join Us!

Thursday @ 6:30 in a ZOOM conversation about writing in troubling times Register now for what promises to be a great Zoom conversation about writing in troubling times. Jarvis knows what he’s talking about—he wrote for the Times-Pic newspaper during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. His Pulitzer Prize-winning columns are searing,...

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I Feel to Believe

When we took an apartment in New Orleans, I began reading the Times-Picayune newspaper. I would spy a column by Jarvis DeBerry and feel as if I’d found an Easter egg. Back then, we were in the city part-time. I didn’t know DeBerry’s publishing schedule. So each column was a surprise and delight. A collection of those columns, each so impressive,...

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