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Tag: Exploring New Orleans

Claim the Disappearing: 10

(I invite you to enjoy this free New Orleans novel, courtesy of the wonder that is the internet, unrolled a teensy bit at a time. If you are just joining us, feel free to return to THE BEGINNING and work your way through.) Talking about the past is easy. The past is done. The only choice of the tale-teller is to pick through the events jumbled...

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Day Tripper

I swore, when I realized I was destined to replace both my God-given hips with two metal cyborg stand-ins, to make the absolute most of my upgrade. I decided (after consulting with my husband) to become an intentional walker. What this means is walking not as exercise, but walking to a destination, with hints of pilgrimaging and contemplative...

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Do You Know New Orleans?

Do you know the French Quarter? St. Louis Cathedral in Jackson Square Do you know it more than Mardis Gras Day? Learning Learning more Learning still Do you know it as a literary place? Faulkner House Books Pirate’s Alley where William Faulkner lived and wrote The city of Tennessee Williams and John Kennedy O’Toole               What...

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