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Random Thoughts August 2014

Random Thoughts:

* When it comes to what we call domestic violence, we refuse to acknowledge society’s interest in not having someone beat someone else up—if she forgives him, well, we should too

* If your brand of religion doesn’t make you joyous to be alive, you might want to rethink that

* If anything really bad ever happened to me, I’d get so sick of people telling me to see the bright side—”the blessings”—I’d want to punch them

* Think before you name your child

* If your parents didn’t think before they named you, change your name

* If you do the job I really hate and I do the job you really hate, none of us will have to do the job we really hate

* When I finish swimming, I think, your hips are fine, and I hop on the train of hope, convinced if I swim every day, I won’t need surgery.

* If the dog wants to check out something on the sidewalk, she probably shouldn’t

* If you don’t write down random thoughts, you will forget them

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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