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Questions Begging for Answers (I’m serious – let me know)

* Are filberts even nuts?
* What the hell color is fawn?
* Did all those spam emails from my friends originate w/me?
* Can William tell when I don’t understand him?
* Why am I always talking about how the brain works?
* Can I erase and start over?
* Can Thomas J. write a crossword puzzle w/out “spa” as an answer?
* Is orange truly considered a neutral?
* Do I ever know what the hell I’m talking about?
* How many Swifters does one person need?
* Are ox tails really from the tail of the ox?
* How do you know when you’re too old to wear that any more?
* Does anyone keep bats as pets?

Here’s to creative synthesis . . . ?

bats, bats as pets, crossword, filberts, ox tails, swifters

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