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Peace in Creativity: A Statement of Belief

At some point along the line, I began using as my email sign-off phrase, “peace in creativity.” I don’t remember the trigger. Maybe a combination of the traditional “religious folks” sign-off (peace) plus “creativity” as a variation of the title of my book (“Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God”). Whatever, I’ve continued to use it because so very often, there is no peace in creativity.

Creativity is such a lovely concept. The word embodies a time of intense focus on what is being born, unbridled by concern for what the other thinks of the coming creation. Peace.

That’s when you are creating by yourself. Add in other people, and it becomes a jake-leg, herky-jerk, fits-and-starts, back-and-forth, contentious process. No peace.

Often, the email I’m sending is to one of those ornery folks with whom I’m involved in the creation process. The recipient knows very well we are not in a place of peace.  Sometimes I think they get the email and think, what the hell?

Yet, I force myself to type, “peace in creativity” as a statement of belief and faith in a certain reality, all evidence to the contrary. The whirring wind, the noise and confusion—that’s the Spirit spreading across the face of the water at the dawn of time. Chill. Believe in the outcome. Wait for it. And, even more importantly, enjoy it while you are in process. Life won’t come this exact way ever again.

here’s to creative synthesis . . .

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