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Pardon My Eruptions

You can know that the poor don’t have many things. You can know that the poor often don’t have cars. You can know that the poor must rely on public transportation. You may even know that public transportation runs on limited hours.

But until you know that Jimmy can’t get to his heart cath because it was scheduled at 6am and the buses don’t run at 6am, you don’t know how frightening it must be to be poor.

Once you do know that, you erupt every time you hear someone call the poor irresponsbible—why don’t they take care of their health? why do they always wait until the last minute to go to the emergency room?

Why, I ask instead, do we spend billions of dollars on our PUBLIC highways, but let the buses limp along? Answer: because we don’t ride the bus. We drive on the highways. We are not poor.

here’s to creative synthesis

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