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Oh, my gosh—they’re listening

I’m quoted. In a book. By a “thought leader.” A woman with a Doctorate in Transformational Leadership, Dr. Deborah Koehn Loyd. The quote appears in her new book, Your Vocational Credo: Practical Steps to Discover Your Unique Purpose.


Dr. Loyd was kind enough to send me a copy of the book. It arrived in the mail last week. I can’t wait to read it, maybe find out more about my vocational credo (it’s never too late, right?). The back jacket promises insight on:

* the true meaning of vocation
* how to redeem past pains in your life
* your personal vocational preferences
* a unique plan for your life’s work

You can read more about Dr. Loyd here. You can purchase the book at Amazon here.

Stay tuned: I’ll be offering a review as soon as I find out what it has to say.

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