Odd Ellen Facts

It’s time once again to offer some Odd Ellen Facts (is the adjective on the facts or on Ellen? You decide). They’re “Strange but true” statements from my life, unembellished, unfootnoted. Let’s begin:

My uncle once wrote me a letter to suggest I buy a Roomba. Not only would the robotic vacuum cleaner keep my house tidy, Hebron believed it would give me some company. Could my life have been so pitiful he thought a vacuum cleaner would offer solace? Obviously.

I’m a Godzilla freak. My grandsons talk Pokemon. I talk Godzilla. When they grow up, they’ll tell their friends, “Oh, yeah? Well, my grandmother was a Godzilla freak.”

It’s taken me to age 61 to admit it: I don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

I make fabric art from dryer lint.

At one time in my life, I ordered so many clothes online (all of my clothes, every last piece through catalogs, when I was living in Jackson, Mississippi, and considered its fashion scene not-for-crap), I knew my credit card number by heart.

I have six toes on one foot. Not really. I was just wondering if you’re actually reading this list.

I’m not afraid of speaking in public. Not one whit. I have LOTS of fears. Speaking in public, the most common of all fears, isn’t one of them.

My legs work perfectly well, but when my wine glass runs dry, I often ask my husband to pour me more wine.

I wear contacts at night that reshape my eyeballs. I take them off in the morning, and I have perfect eyesight. It only lasts for 24 hours, then I have to put the reshaping contacts back in.

I went one year without TV. No TV at home. No TV anywhere. When TV re-entered my life, I was mesmerized by commercials.

May the weird enters your life in odd ways this week—Happy July!!

An odd, creepy photo from the fort at Mackinac Island

Godzilla vs Pokemon, the Roomba

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  • Reshaping your eyeballs? Why isn’t there a product I can wear at night that will reshape my body and restore it to its 35 year old glory? My niece was born with 6 toes. The extra pinky toe was removed at about a year old so she wouldn’t have a problem finding shoes to fit. Happy July to you, too, Ellen.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      I know, aren’t those contacts the weirdest thing? Definitely weirder than being born with an extra pinky toe. e

  • Contacts that re-shape your eyeballs?? I need those! I also need Suzanne’s invention body re-shaper!! (that will probably be available to the mass market soon – watch Shark Tank!) And I wanna see that dryer lint art.Send pics.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      It’s actually old technology that became passé after Lasik surgery became popular, but I didn’t want to put a laser to my eyeball. Maybe the NOLA Innovative Center would fund the body shaper idea….I’ll post about the dryer lint art as soon as I know better where it’s headed.

  • My piano/organ teacher when I was in high school was born with six fingers on each hand. They were removed when she was an infant because they were non-functional. Too bad they weren’t able to be used because pianist could often use an extra finger.

    It’s ironic that you’re attention-meter is getting so many of the comments. I feel compelled to comment on a new topic. I also know my main credit card number by heart. I don’t shop that much online but I do a fair amount of bill paying and charitable contributions online. In person, I still often use cash, although if checkout lines are long, I’ll charge because it is quicker.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Joanne, are you having trouble completing your comments (I don’t know what an attention-meter is, and my research didn’t turn up much)? I’ll ask my webmaster what might be going on—I love comments!

      I wonder if there have been famous extra-dighted piano players…. And I feel better about your knowing your card #. I was kind of made to feel weird about that.

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