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Odd Creatures in Your House

The Table

My cousin, a psychologist, was visiting me in Memphis. He walked from room to room. Finally, he turned to me and said, “You have all these odd creatures in your house.”

Wonder what he’d think of me now?

But Halloween demands a certain amount of dementedness, don’t you think?

This eyeball walks. That’s Elvis in the box. The man with his head cut off is some wooden 1950s figure I found at a flea market. He seems like a dude you’d find at the back table of a long, narrow, red-lit bar, his eyes darting, guarding the kitchen.

Oh, now that’s nice. Refined composition. Never mind the skulls in the foreground. I bet that celluloid witch cost you a pretty penny. Uh . .. ¬†does that pumpkin walk, too? Yes, I have a thing for walking Halloween decorations.

Hydrangea Head

“Those pumpkins look kind of funky,” my husband says. Yes!!!!

She'll Never Know What Hit Her


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