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Mentoring in Audio

Yesterday I joined the Podiobooks Mentoring Community. The Community is a Google+ site created by, a site offering free serialized audio books. Last year, when I was struck by this wild idea to record my short stories and make them available on-line for free, I found
I hung around their community for days, reading all the posts. I learned how long each segment should be (20-30 minutes); what not to put in your intro (boring stuff); and, most importantly, the production had to be done at a professional level—yes, you can record in your closet; no, you can’t have uneven sound levels that gyrate all over the place.
My decision to not have a paper book; not have an e-book; but do audio on-line isn’t the norm. But doing something differently doesn’t mean you have to “go it alone.” I’m grateful for the professionals who helped me put together my podcasts, and I’m grateful to for telling me I needed the professionals.

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