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Memories in My Yard

Since I quit practicing law, I’ve done two tasks first thing in the mornings: clean up the kitchen and check on my plants outside. The latter was on hiatus for several years. My hips went to crap, and I quit working in the yard. Since the hips have been recovered, I haven’t had a yard to work in. I do now.

My new yard has caladiums, because my grandmother Bigmama always had caladiums lining her brick patio.

White caladiums that catch the moonlight

It has gardenias, for my beloved Lucy Gardenia, and so we can sit under the house in the evenings and breathe in the luscious gardenia sweetness.

A gardenia for the littlest, bravest Yorkie that ever lived, Miss Lucy Gardenia “Dog” Prewitt

It has red geraniums, because I’ve always loved red geraniums.

Amazing red geraniums from Donna’s Produce on Highway 49

And mint, because my Uncle Hebron knew my love of mint was so great, he would send me starter kits of pots, soil, and mint plants to grow my own.

Mint that will hopefully make it through the winter to be always with us

And ferns I’ve babied in the guest bathtub through harsh winters for over 15 years.

My old fern friends that love their new home

Of course, we have the baby fig tree that hopes to grow into a Certified Mississippi Champion Fig Tree like its daddy.

The baby fig tree that dreams of being a champion . . . and wishes it would stop raining

The horsetails are all my own—I love an architectural plant.

Horsetail is invasive, but it’s happy in a pot

I’ve fallen in love with the lime tree. The fruit appeared in May, but November will come before it’s fit to eat. Even then, we all know how tart it will be. I think this is me: such a long process to ripen to an acceptable level, and even then I’m astringent. But essential to certain tastes.

My new soul mate plant: the slow-growing, acerbic lime tree

Finally, y’all know all about Bigmama’s rose bush. But the amazing thing is that the bush, which only blooms once a year, has bloomed three times since being transplanted. I think it’s as in love with my yard as I am.

Bigmama’s rose on its third blooming this season

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