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My life has been shaped by two very early events: I was born into the racism of the civil rights South, and I carry the grief of my daddy being killed by a train. Much of my writing carefully picks at the nuances of racism, and many of my stories involve the child trying to understand the space left by a missing parent.

The two jobs for which I’ve been well-paid are lawyering in Jackson, Mississippi and walking the runway in Memphis. I follow my own peculiar definition of God, which led me to start a writing group of men and women who have experienced homelessness.

I’ve been published—you can see the LONG list (blushing) by clicking on Achievements above. I love all the people in my life but mostly my husband, my dog (yes, she’s a person), and my two grandbabies.

I’ve been known to appear in public in costume.

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  • I think you’re a caring, loving person and am trying to remember -getting more difficult as my age climbs – did I first meet you at a Cursillo?

    • Thank you, Jo. How sweet—”and also with you.” Yes, we met at Cursillo. And got to know each other better when you began coming to the Door of Hope writing group. So nice that these things are in our lives to bring us together.

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