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Making a Connection

I reactivate this blog, and Michael dies.

Yesterday, I was all pumped up about creativity and possibility. I was infused with enthusiasm, drunk on inspiration and the power of the Spirit.

Today, Michael died.

I am bewildered by what happened: how can a man who wrote about his change of luck, whose last article was about finding a new safe place to live – how can that gentle, kind man be stabbed to death on the street?

More importantly, how can he be gone? Today, next week, from now on, Michael won’t be sitting at the corner table, waiting for me to give him his folder. I won’t see his head nodding in greeting, the toothpick in his mouth removed to say hello.

Yet . . .

In a way, he will always be sitting at the table. Michael will forever write in his strong, simple sentences. Whenever the group shares their writings, I will hear Michael’s voice telling us about his hopes for the future, the new job, the better apartment, the next step in his life. Michael’s focus on the good thing that is about to squeeze around the corner will always be part of the writing group’s truth.

Michael died in chaotic violence. He lived in quiet self-containment, respected and admired by his fellow and sister writers.

I can choose what I believe and I believe Michael is still with us. Michael and Robb and Warren are still part of writing group. When you make a connection, it continues. Through difficult times, through estrangement, even through death. That is the Good News. Those we love are always with us.

Thank you, Michael, for being part of the Door of Hope writing group. We loved you, and we still do.

peace in creativity, Ellen

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