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Lent 2021: Update

It’s really interesting. Most Lents, my disciplines don’t come easy. I have to be very intentional about observing them. After a bit, they will become a new habit, but it takes a while.

This Thumb Prayer discipline is different.

As I talked about last week, this Lent I’m working on Thumb Prayers each day.

Each day, I form new Thumb Prayers. Some use buttons. Some use words. Some use impressions made by found objects.

I’m using both white DAS brand paper clay and adobe paper clay. They work slightly different–adobe takes longer to dry. Each day, I also seal the Thumb Prayers that I made the day before.

I’ve gotten several requests from folks wanting to use the Thumb Prayers in their housing ministry or simply to give away.

Let me know if you would like some!

Thumb Prayers

Portable prayer prompts—drop them in your pocket and rub with your thumb for  a reminder  of God’s presence in the world. 

Isaiah 65:21 And they shall build houses, and inhabit them. 

Thumb Prayers by ellenmorrisprewitt.compastedGraphic.png

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