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Labor Day & I’m Tired

Oh, y’all. I’m worn out. In the last 3 days, I’ve incorporated massive revisions to HARBORING EVIL that were sent by the agent. I’ve also revised its long synopsis, drafted a short synopsis (shorter is SO much harder.) Drafted a long synopsis for Harboring Malice, hopefully the second installment in the series, and drafted a short synopsis for it too. Revised my dang bio (what exactly are people impressed with? A Special Mention in Pushcart? Going to Sewanee Writers’ Conference? The Peter Taylor Fellowship at Kenyon Review’s summer program? Or that I will never, ever pass up a parade?)

Who knows. I threw it all in.

All of these documents are arrows in the quiver for the agent to successfully pitch this dark mystery to publishers (and hopefully a series with the second installment—did I mention that?). Yes, I said dark. So dark, I have told my mother I do not recommend she read it. She read a minor excerpt on this blog earlier. She agreed she didn’t want to do that. But, man, y’all—I love Coot Long, the formerly homeless man who stumbles along trying to help his friends in trouble, and his neighborhood pal Brantley Pass. They are endearing.

So, anyway. I also approved the final draft of WE R RIGHTING GROUP: A POCKET GUIDE TO WRITING IN GROUPS…AND RIGHTING THE WORLD. Thats’s the “how to” on using group writing to develop community based on my 8 years with the Door of Hope Writing Group. I really and truly and finally hope it will be available by mid-September. In the meantime, please enjoy this fabulous cover:

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