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I am Not so Alone

I pride myself on being independent. Ever since I was a little girl, my mantra has been, I can do it myself. Or more accurately, let me do it my way. Which often leads to forging new paths, which often means doing it myself. But a miracle in my literary life has occurred: I’ve gotten an agent, and I don’t feel so all alone.

My publishing career started out traditional—literary journals, contest wins, a book by a small press, an anthology by a hybrid press. Then I got innovative. An audio short story collection. A novel in audio, followed by a self-published mystery using an artist-drawn cover. And, most recently, a hand-sewn novel, which just about no one has ever heard of. My next release (hopefully in September) will be a “how to” guide on doing writing group the way we did it at the Door of Hope, thereby changing the world.

All of these ventures have been successful and made me happy (though poor Model for Deception has gotten little of my attention, even if the cover might be my favorite of all). None of them has been easy. If I’d known how hard recording a novel in audio was, I might not have done it. And my attempt to do a podcast to support Tracking Happiness: A Southern Chicken Adventure was a total bust, lots of work with no product.

Even so, I am extremely grateful to have landed an agent who is giving me specific, concrete advice on how to make my HARBORING EVIL story one that will sell. (I’ve had a lot of “literary editing” help, but despite having had two prior agents on two novels, I’ve never received “how to make it sell” editing.) I feel she has a better “big picture” on the potential of the story than I do, a really good feeling to have.

If HARBORING EVIL does sell, then I will have a publisher (other than me), cover designer (other than me), final editing (other than me), copy editor (other than me), formatting (other than me and my team), ebook designer (other than me), and a modicum of marketing help (other than me.) Not doing it all on my own might be nice for a change (For ten years, Paraclete Press has been helping market Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God, which is so nice.) It’s appropriate that HARBORING EVIL is a mystery, which is very genre, which means I don’t need to do it my way. I can do it exactly the mystery way, and love it.

I will keep you posted!

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