How Have Your Dreams Changed?

(Written today at Door of Hope Writing Group)
When I was in junior high, I wanted to be a Viking. A Viking wife, actually, who stood on the deserted beach and threw logs on a blazing bonfire as I gazed out to sea, awaiting the return of the long-unseen ship.
In high school, I dreamed of moving to Maine and living on the pounding coastline where waves crashed and snow fell so thick I had to trudge through the knee-high drifts just to get a carton of milk from the grocery store.
I didn’t do either of these things—obviously, I couldn’t go back in time and as I grew up, my more rational side took me to college, law school, marriage, and a mainstream law firm where the biggest excitement I faced was the time I thought a client was calling me into the lobby to shoot me (he didn’t).
Now when I dream, I see what is already in front of me: the lush ferns waving in my yard, my husband’s smile when his eyes meet mine, the grandbaby’s taking me by the hand because he knows his Gogi will play with him.
The only remnant of my childhood dreams appears when I stand transfixed by the barges plying the river, the seagulls pestering the air above them, the heavy thump of the engines traveling from the island’s soil into my adventurous heart.

How have your dreams changed? What were they when you were younger (we had a 14-year-old write today about her dreams when she was 6)? What are they like now?

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  • The dreams of my young self were far and wide–a writer, a vet, a rock star, a show jumper, an artist, a teacher, a radio host. Now, I write, I take in stray animals, I play an instrument, I create art, I teach those I work with, and my first job was at a radio station. My dreams never took the form I thought they would–I am not liable to ever be rich or famous or support myself with my 64 pack of Crayolas, but somehow, I stumbled into managing some paper-mache versions of my dreams. I can create, I can communicate, and I can care for those around me. I’ve managed to touch those dreams much more than I have taken time to count before now. Except the show jumper…I dare say the horse would have to go on without me at this point. Thank you for inspiring me to take stock and appreciate all life has given me.

  • Ellen Morris Prewitt

    I love your “paper-mache versions” of your dreams. They enrich the rest of us. It was so interesting at writing group how some folks read their dreams and others in the group said well, you’ve kind of done that. So you are not the only one who has to stop and think how thy have, in fact, lived their dreams.

  • I really like this post! It has given me a lot to think about. And the timing is kind of interesting (yes, I’m WAY far behind in reading your posts) that my post for today is about dreaming too small. I think I may write a post about how my dreams have changed. When I do, I’ll link here. 🙂

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      I must go read your post (I consolidated my emails and only get notifications once a week now). This “How Have Your Dreams Changed?” topic has really resonated with folks. Can’t wait to read yours!

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