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Goodbye, Facebook

The time has come. I’ve been struggling with this for over a year. Limiting my visits to Facebook. Only linking these blog posts to my author page then checking for comments on the posts—it seems rude to link the posts then ignore comments.

But no more.

I’m deleting my Facebook accounts. Both my personal account and my author page. Gone.

I’ve known for a while FB is not good for the world. But we moved from the city I called home for 20 years. I could only keep up with people I loved through FB. I could see photos of your new babies on FB. I could go to FB when a storm hit and find out what people were posting about the impact. I could link my blog posts and drive readers to what I had to say. I’m about to start a new blog thread about my personal journey of reparations—who will read it now? And—the hardest—I’m at the very end of the revisions on the best novel I’ve ever written. How will I let people who have been following me for over a decade know I have finally sold a damn novel…?

But you know what Sydney J. Harris said about necessary evils: the more we justify something as necessary, the less and less evil it becomes.

But Not To You

So I will be saying goodbye to FB at the end of the week. I don’t want to say goodbye to you too.

I hope you will go to the bottom of my HOME Page and fill in the box to “Subscribe to this blog” so you aren’t dependent on a FB post to know I’m talking again. I hope you’ll include your blog address in the comments so I can follow you. I hope something else arises that allows us to keep in touch without being part of a harmful force in the world.

I’m hoping we won’t fall out of each other’s lives.

Leaving Facebook

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