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From God to Satan: Blogs of Strangers (cont’d)

I love quirky humor. I love, love, love it when I discover other people also love quirky humor. I love the Waiting for Satan blog at , and I love that the blog has many followers. I have no idea who writes this blog. He (? he uses cartoons that depict himself as a he—I think) was or is a student. His family moved to Canada. He started the blog as a school project; the class ended, and he’s still doing the blog. He’s disappointed in the trends on Facebook. That’s all I’m gonna tell you.

If you are a fan of All My Friends are Dead or The Diary of Edward the Hamster 1990-1990, you might want to check out Waiting for Satan.

What do you learn about me from the fact that I like this blog? I have an offbeat sense of humor. I would tell you I like “cartoons for adults” but these days that means sex or anime. I was raised on Pogo comic books written for adults (published way before my time but found in the attic and absorbed, reread, labored over – I even sewed a tiny Pogo bug because I wanted to make the cartoon characters real), and I’ve never outgrown them. Finally, I value humor – it’s not a waste of time or lesser activity. It’s an essential way of looking at what otherwise would make you weep.

Remember: You Cain’t Do Nothing with Love

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