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For Your Summertime Listening Pleasure

On June 27th, in connection with the Download Party at The Booksellers (what has been tagged a “Bookless Booksigning”), four stories from the collection will launch. The stories will be available on this site, iTunes,YouTube, and perhaps elsewhere. They also will be available for purchase on CD at the Download Party if you’d rather access them that way.

After the launch, a new story will be rolled out each week throughout the summer. If you’d like to receive a new story when it comes out, FOLLOW this blog; you’ll get notice of each new story.

As the stories are released, they will be collected on the Stories Page, so you can go back and listen to any you want.

By the end of the summer, all the stories will be launched and available for listening.

If you’re just not a listening person, you can read the stories on the PDF on the About Page.



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