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"Writing Our Way Home: A Group Journey Out of Homelessness", Cain't Do Nothing with Love, Fearless Confessions: A Writer's Guide to Memoir, Five that Grabbed the Gold, Making Crosses: A Creative Connection to God, podiobooks, podiobooks.com, VEMPHAHA

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  • What a great idea! Guess what? OK, i’ll tell you: I got a new cat for my birthday. She’s eight and has been in the shelter since November. She’s so happy!

  • OK – confession time. I didn’t go and click on all the links, but I did do Facebook and tried to do LinkedIn, but it came up as Instagram instead. Can you correct the LinkedIn link?

    • That is the weirdest thing! I copied the link into the browser, and it sent me to LinkedIn; I followed the link and it sent me to Instagram. And I checked all links before posting—aarrgghh! All I can figure is that the paragraphing was too close??? Anyway, I moved it to the end of the list and fearfully kept an extra space between Instagram and the first Amazon link. Hope it works correctly now. Thanks so much for letting me know of this dud but even more for following the links. 🙂

      • Yay! It works now! I have an account with LinkedIn, although I am not really a professional anything and not that experienced with the site. I was going to try to connect with you, but can’t figure out how to do it – which probably disqualifies me as a connection you would like to have! 😉

        • I sent you an invite. I think if you just accept it we will be connected. I occasionally publish different blog posts on Linked In, related to homelessness or writing. So slightly different content. I’m not a professional either, but my sister put my 86 year old mom on there as a tennis professional, which she almost is, so I figure I’m good.

      • I accepted and did endorsements! I also think you get to be a professional because you have books on amazon. I do have a few poems published, but none that anyone has paid me for. Maybe if I ever publish a chapbook, I will say that I am a professional…

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