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Eternity or Bust

When I read the theme for the summer issue of Exterminating Angel Press was “Eternity or Bust,” I knew I had the perfect submission. Thank goodness Tod Davies of EAP: the Magazine thought so too. I’m grateful to her for including my piece in her fabulous magazine.

The short story is an excerpt from my novel THE BONE TRENCH. I’m glad that at least some of the words from the novel are seeing the light of day (if you want to know the whole exhausting yay-I’ve-got-an-agent-boo-I-lost-my-agent-saga about this novel, ask in the comments, and I’ll tell you). This is the second excerpt from the novel published this year. The first was “Never, Never, Never” which appeared in Connotation Press. Both stories are Memphis-based, because the novel is Memphis-based, so yay for Memphis too.

I’m proud to have “Don’t Bring that Mess to Memphis Unless You’re Serious” included with the other thinkers of deep eternal thoughts who appear in the EAP issue…particularly since my story is humorous, blasphemous some might even say (well, in truth, ‘have said’ is the more accurate verb tense.)

I’m also delighted to report that the EAP short story contains my most favorite passage from the whole entire novel.

Click to read “Don’t Bring that Mess to Memphis Unless You’re Serious”. Then see if you can guess my favorite passage. I’ll call the winners in the comments.

If you look closely, you can see that this costume from Mardi Gras Day 2018 features a miniature of THE BONE TRENCH from which the story was excerpted—who else makes Mardi Gras costumes of their own literary work?

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