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Easter Questions

My priest today said during the Easter season to keep asking questions, so here are mine:

* Why do we ask, “Why didn’t she leave him?” Why don’t we ask, “Why does he keep hitting her?”

* Can we view the world as a blob rather than a pyramidal hierarchy or dichotomy? No more top and bottom; no more this and that. Can we see it as us in one messy all?

* Why doesn’t Memphis claim the title of Cradle of Creativity? The Blues, Rock-and-Roll, Soul, Jooking, Crunk—is there another city that has birthed as many American musical styles? (This is a real question; LMK if there is)

* Can we start putting up statues to achievements? Wars are not achievements. Wars are failures. When we honor our dead with statues, we are trying to glean something good from something horrible. Why don’t we praise the just plain good?

* Where are the feminine or gender-neutral equivalents of brethren? Does anyone say “sistren”?

* Why do I notice every damn “he” we use in our Episcopal liturgy to the point I feel excluded by the sexist language and must orally interlineate changes constantly? (“Blessed is he who comes in the name of …”; “Praise him all creatures here below”). Am I the only Episcopalian who doesn’t see God as male?

* And while I’m complaining about the church service that birthed this practice of questioning (beware, always beware), why do hymn writers believe they can use words that orally do not rhyme (e.g.,”When Thomas first the tidings heard, how they’d seen the risen Lord”) Or am I supposed to sing “the risen Lerd”? Surely the lyricists remember the words will be SUNG?

* How long will it take me to accept the truth that I cannot enjoy new beginnings without first experiencing endings?

* Did Peeps become such a cultural icon because no one actually eats them?

* Will I soon travel to Ferguson, Missouri or North Charleston, SC or the next site of police killings of a Black man or woman? Am I living through the next iteration of the civil rights era I thought I’d studied only as history?

* If Hillary Clinton is elected president, will we experience a breakout of female hatred the way we’ve experienced racial hatred in reaction to President Obama?

* Is it “politics” if the lament comes to me naturally?

* What happened to the raccoon who used to climb my cottonwood tree at night, stealthy as Dracula?

* Do we truly appreciate the unalloyed moments of happiness when they present?

* Who will want my celluloid bunny collection when I die?


* How did I get so lucky as to have this life I have? How do I reconcile the joy I’ve been given with the pain so many experience?

* Did your pastor speak of Walter Scott today?

* Would your view of race differ if you realized you, in fact, have African blood?

* And yet and still, with all this enlightenment, why do I love The Mentalist?

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