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Dr. King’s Room

The first time I visited the National Civil Rights Museum, what I saw were words. Words and words and more words hanging on the walls upon black and white sheets of paper. So many words.
After my early visit, the museum added a few physical exhibits, most notably a big-ass garbage truck in recognition of the striking sanitation workers who brought Dr. King to town. But the experience was mostly still dependent on words.
Now the museum has undergone a massive renovation to make it relevant to “younger audiences.” I am not younger, and I deeply appreciate the revisions. You can read about them here on this NPR segment.
Fortunately, the renovations have purposely pursued a path that would not detract from one of the most moving exhibits in any museum in the world: Dr. King’s room, the bed covers turned down, the empty room waiting for the return of its occupant.
I can’t wait to visit the new National Civil Rights Museum and, once again, thank Dr. King for allowing us into his sacred room.

My National Civil Rights Museum t-shirt
My National Civil Rights Museum t-shirt

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