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I’m carrying my Ryan Prewitt pocketbook today.
Several years ago, I made the tote for Ryan and Cammie’s wedding brunch. Of all things, I noticed my wedding day pocketbook was made by a designer whose first name was Inge. That’s Cammie’s dad’s name. When I mentioned this to Cammie, she said yes, and not only that, a Cammie Hill also designs pocketbooks. I bought one of her creations for the rehearsal dinner. That left Ryan and the brunch.
I couldn’t find a Ryan Prewitt pocketbook anywhere—imagine that. Undaunted, I made one.
I outlined Ryan’s hand prints on canvas. I sewed the hands onto an aqua tote. I designated a “Before” and “After” side.
The Before side is whimsical with one naked ring finger. Wild colors and other pretty things for Ryan’s love, Cammie.

The Before Side
The Before Side

The “After” side has wedding bands on the ring fingers. Also a man’s vest from my childhood Ken doll. A woman’s leather skirt from Ken’s love, Barbie.

The After Side
The After Side

Beads for Mardi Gras in what would be their new home of New Orleans.

Mardi Gras beads
Mardi Gras beads

And one hopeful chick.

I wonder if Aubrey knows this is how I saw him, pre-birth?
I wonder if Aubrey knows this is how I saw him, pre-birth?

When I was finished, Ryan signed the extravaganza for me, because Ryan is and always has been a good sport.

Ryan's signature
Ryan’s signature

My “Ryan Prewitt” pocketbook. Which today I’m carrying with my mother’s gorgeous vintage jacket.

Mother's vintage jacket
Mother’s vintage jacket

And wearing with my torn-up jeans.
Because every day in every way, you need to create the person you might be.

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  • This is wonderful: “Because every day in every way, you need to create the person you might be.” A quote I’m going to have borrow… and keep!

  • I wore my 23 year old Laura Ashley dress today but it’s nowhere near as fun and original as your Ryan Prewitt bag.

      • Whaaa? The 11th grade? I don’t think I’ve a stitch of clothing THAT old, but perhaps I’m much older than you. And I was MUCH eensier then. That’s darn impressive, Ellen.

        • We’re the same age. I know this because we both turned 57 last year because we were born in 1957, right? I also have a 1974 t-shirt from when I went to Governor’s School. That was the summer after the 10th grade. And my Easters Party t-shirt from the University of Virginia in 1976: Easters The Best Party in the Country. I’m terrible about old clothes. (And they terminated Easters because they decided it was a disgrace, everyone rolling around in the mud. I loved it.)

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