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We’re having a grown-up event at Novel Memphis. It’s happening two weeks from today. The celebration is for THE HART WOMEN. I wrote the story. Marisa Whisett Baker is hand-sewing it into a novel. The event will have tickets and everything (the tickets are so Marisa will know when she’s made enough books). You can read about Marisa’s work here. She’s divine. For THE HART WOMEN, she’s using vintage fabric, old maps, leather, burlap, and other materials to make each copy of the novel a unique work of art with a story inside. 

THE HART WOMEN is a family saga about the wealthy Hart family set in fictional Fairview, Mississippi. It’s getting a great response. Here’s the blurb: The Hart ancestral home, which once bound the family together, sits abandoned. Emily Hart Fielding adored the house as a child, but its secrets tore the family apart and sealed the fate of Emily’s beautiful cousin Haley. Now nearing the end of her life, Emily must decide whether to give the house to her son or demolish it. Can Emily forgive the house—and herself—for what happened?

Tickets to the event get you four things:
1. Admission for 2 folks
2. One copy of the hardbound book, which you get to pick out
3. Refreshments
4. A rousing talk on book binding (Marisa) and family secrets (me).

Can you do two things for me?
1. SPREAD the word to all your book and art loving friends. FORWARD them this blog post. TEXT them the event link. Don’t let this great event pass them by.
2. PLEASE buy a ticket now and reserve your book. Even better, grab a buddy, split the cost of the ticket, and share the book. That is, if you can stand to share it once you see how beautiful they are….

THE HART WOMEN hand-sewn novel

Your to do list:

ps: if you’re not in Memphis and want a book, we can do that too!

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