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I’ll be joining several book clubs in the Memphis area during December. TRACKING HAPPINESS: A SOUTHERN CHICKEN ADVENTURE makes a great book club selection. Memorable characters. Intriguing plot. Life wisdom. All leads to a lively discussion.

If you’re in the general Southeastern United States, and you’d like Lucinda and me to visit your book club in 2019, use the contact form to give me a holler. We’ll jump on the train and be there. 😉

Lucinda Mae takes off on a cross-country train trip to, among other things, escape from the goings-on back in her hometown of Edison, Mississippi


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  • Any book club within the sound of my Blog Reply voice that doesn’t leap at this unparalleled opportunity immediately must be filled with illiterates. Wait–what?! But why are they in a bookclub?

    Get in touch with Ellen. And book her. And her chickens.

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