I watch a woman use the bike lane on North Parkway to tug a grocery cart down the street. Then I read Mitt Romney saying he isn’t concerned about the very poor because we have safety nets in place to protect them – if there are holes in it, he will repair them. The media will focus on the “I’m not concerned” sound...

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Pardon My Eruptions

You can know that the poor don’t have many things. You can know that the poor often don’t have cars. You can know that the poor must rely on public transportation. You may even know that public transportation runs on limited hours. But until you know that Jimmy can’t get to his heart cath because it was scheduled at 6am and...

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Comforting or Scary?

Disturbed by Corrie Ten Boom’s description of the Nazi guards, I’ve been pondering since finishing The Hiding Place: how can humans act like that? The cruelty she described as the guards ordered prisoners about, the forced marches, the insistent shouting in the face of sickness and frailty. Where did the humanity go? Then I see the...

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Macro/Micro: Dr. King on Violence

On Dr. King’s birthday, I was reading Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove’s Common Prayer: A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals (written with Shane Claiborne and Enuma Okoro) which led me to “Why America May Go to Hell,” the speech Dr. King was working on when he was assassinated. This led to rumination about Dr. King’s shift...

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“Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility” – James Thurber, via A-Word-A-Day or, Why I Write Humor

I’m at Elaine Blanchard’s writing group in the Shelby County women’s prison, talking about writing, describing the time when I wore a TERRIBLY inappropriate dress to a graduation party for SEMINARIANS and I say, “That’s how I deal with things – I write them.” Then here comes this quote from James Thurber,...

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Driving on a Suspended License

One time, when I lived in Jackson, Mississippi, I walked out of my front door to find a ticket on my windshield. My car was parked in front of my house in a quiet neighborhood, facing the wrong direction. There were no other cars on the street. The ticket was timed at 3:00 a.m. I was outraged – how dare a cop give me a ticket in front of...

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Reading the Masters

Last Year: War and Peace This Year: “Pogo’s Sunday Book” New blog feature: I’ll name a book when I complete it. All comments welcome. Catching me up so far this year: The Emerging Church, Phyllis Tickle Pogo’s Sunday Book, Walt Kelly Coming of Age in Mississippi, Anne Moody Here’s to creative synthesis . ....

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