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Ultimately, Laugh

Once I’ve had the opportunity to digest all that has happened over the last five days (a double graduation for my godchild, a rare visit with my cousin, the amazing hospitality of my sister enabling such joyous times, and the oddity of being in the same state with my mother yet not seeing her on Mother’s Day), I’ll be posting.
Until then, if you pray, remember me. When you pray for guidance, tack on my name. When you pray for humility, ask God to give me an extra dose. When you pray for love and understanding and the end of judging others, lead off with my name.
Mostly, when you pray for perspective, say to yourself, that Ellen Morris Prewitt wants me to pray for her humility, yet she’s asking everyone to make their prayer life all about her. And laugh.
Laugh at me and with me. I thank you for it.


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