2022 Predictions

It’s 2022, y’all. Yesterday, it was 81 degrees. Tonight, it will be 31 degrees. If the rest of the year is like this, fasten your seatbelts. We’re in for another wild ride. A statue in the Sculpture Garden at City Park in NOLA

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Do You Want to be Transformed?

Don’t answer too quickly. Think about it. It’s a big question. Most Christians traditions value transformation, though different churches use different words. Born-again. Repentance. Metanoya. In this Advent season, rebirth is a big one. Most label transformation a goal, if not a promise. Transformed, you won’t see the world...

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Christmas is a Mess

Christmas is a mess. Rolls of wrapping paper cluttering the table. Gifts stacked haphazardly in family groupings. Or wrapped but not yet mailed. Gold and green ribbon curls into a knotted tangle, too much of a metaphor for my emotions. What should be done hasn’t. Everyday life doesn’t stop just because Christmas is coming. There’s...

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When Her Face Changed

The video updated the famous Kenneth and Mamie Clark doll experiment. The videographer gave African American children a white doll and a Black doll. She asked each child, which doll is good? Which doll is bad? You may recall that back in the 1950s the US Supreme Court cited the results of the original doll experiment in ordering the integration...

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Anti-Racism for Advent

This Advent, my husband and I are participating in Anti-Racism and Racial Reconciliation training. If this seems an odd choice, remember that my turn towards anti-racism began with the Memphis School of Servant Leadership, a religious organization. This training is offered by the Episcopal Church in Mississippi. We meet once a week for four weeks....

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When You Make the Plunge…

So, they put the adult diapers by the audiology center. And the Trojans by the blood pressure medicine (as in, “You think you’re still healthy enough for sex? Check now!”). And the rotisserie chicken is a real assembly line. Literally. You stand in a line waiting for the hot chickens to be unloaded onto the metal shelves. Chicken....

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Bookends of Time

Ahhhhhh. It’s that time of the year. Magical, it seems to me. Not the upcoming “holidays” of our American Christian lives. I’m talking about the perfectly bookended times in between. 1st Bookend Time We’re starting our first bookend now, that fulsome (yes, I used fulsome in a blog post in 20221) time of the weeks...

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Noodles for Halloween

So, I wanted to put a mouth on the house for Halloween. Red pool noodles would be the curled lips. White pool noodles would be the vampire teeth. I had an idea about dentil molding and ha-ha-ha, a pun. Even though my house doesn’t have dentil molding. Anywho. My hairdresser suggested the pool noodles might be too small and to double them....

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