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Blind Justice

I HATE politics. I HATE getting riled up about current events. I HATE taking positions that appear so judgmental. Then I read an article like the one this morning on the defense strategy in the latest “Stand Your Ground” shooting in Florida.

“Loud music”
“Thumping bass”
“Menacing expressions”
“I wasn’t going to ask for favors anymore.”

If you pass a law that then invites the accused to defend himself using racist code words, how can you say the law isn’t racist?

So, yes, I’m judging the law in Florida. If it successfully allows a white man to shoot someone because he feels he has the right to ask perfect strangers to turn down their music then has the further right to take matters into his own hands when they won’t comply with his request and seeks to defend himself by conjuring images of the dangerous music-thumping Black thug, and we don’t see that as racist, then we are the ones who are blind.

Florida, racist, stand your ground

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