A Photo of Joy

One year ago May 29th, Mother passed into The Next Big Thing. Last week, the daughter of one of her closest life-long friends sent us a photo.

The photo is from the Millsaps College yearbook. I’ve seen it before. We three girls spent hours (and hours and hours) as kids going through Mother’s college and high school annuals. Virginia Price was a Beauty, a Class Favorite, a ROTC Sponsor, a Beauty and a Favorite. She had lots of photos.

As my older sister said when she saw this photo, what had riveted her when we were young—Mother’s beauty—had been replaced by what shines through in this photo: Mother’s joy.

Virginia Price, Millsaps College

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  • Such a blessing to have this reminder of your mother’s joy arrive as you are commemorating the first anniversary of her passing. Sending love to you and your family.

    • Ellen Morris Prewitt

      Thank you, Joanne. Her long-time friend passed last week and the daughter came across the photo in writing the obituary. The third of the group of tight-knit buddies, my aunt, died at the end of last year. They were 90 and 91, and friends since high school, and all died within a year of each other. Both heartbreaking and soothing to have them back together again.

  • You are her clone, so beautiful and that same smile! Congrats on the You R Righting group in BSL!!!! Let me know if I can assist!

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