A Good Book Day

William and I began our lessons on “How to Play Bridge.” We established that you arrange your hand by suit; you must follow suit; the higher card in a suit wins; ace is the highest card. The rules called the winning process taking “tricks.” William called them books. We played. We made books. William made more books than I did. Next week, what are trump cards?  

* We made tiny books to hand out at church this morning. The tiny books were inspired by ‘Tit RƏx, a New Orleans micro-krewe (the floats are shoe boxes). The folks at church accepted the tiny books. One man, a newcomer to Memphis, chose a book with the word Saint on the front cover. He wrote a poem in the book. He gave me the book. Guess where he’s from? New Orleans.  

* The contract with Triton Press to publish our book, “Writing Our Way Home: A Group Journey Out of Homelessness” is (mostly) signed—we have one writer who didn’t make the meeting. We’re tracking him down. When he’s found, the contract will be (all the way) signed. The manuscript will be submitted to the publisher and, soon, we’ll have a book. 

It’s been a great book day.

here’s to creative synthesis . . . 

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  • I am so jealous of your bridge game with William. I have never been able to learn that game, and it would be a privilege to have him beat me! 😉 I’m so excited for the book to come to fruition! Congrats to all the writers, and good luck tracking down your last man standing!

  • Ellen Morris Prewitt

    Maris, there is a piece of this book journey that has taken me away from what I love—being with the writers. William and I decided we would continue to learn to play bridge every Wednesday after writing group. (I got TERRIBLE hands – I’m talking 3s and 4s.)

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