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Dogs in the Bed

I have a history of unhealthy, deranged harassment of the dogs in my bed (we’re talking canine dogs, not human ones).

For little Providence—sweet, gentle, patient Yorkie Providence—it was the Middle of the Night Companion Call.

Everyone in the bed would be sleeping. Snore, snore, snore. Except me. My eyeballs shone in the dark. Tick, tock, tick, tock. Bored and alone, I watched Providence’s tummy rise and fall for a minute. Then, “Providence, Providence,” I whispered. “Are you asleep?” If she didn’t respond, I gently shook her. “Are you asleep?” She opened her lids and rolled one eye towards me, staring and asking, are you really waking me up to ask me if I’m asleep?

Providence, escaping to the sofa where she can get some shuteye

For Evangeline, it’s the Butt Push, the Bed Patting, and the Knee Curl.

I no longer lie awake at night trying to determine if the dark behind my eyelids is darker than the room dark when I open my eyelids (blink, open, blink). So my life has improved. But I still harass the dog.

Evangeline needs harassing. Evangeline is a very selfish bed sleeper. Sometimes she sleeps between us. As soon as you get used to that, she escapes and tunnels under the bed to sleep. If it’s thundering or the train’s passing or some microscopic noise even an ant can’t hear is infiltrating the universe, she sleeps on my head.

I don’t feel as badly about harassing Evangeline as I did Providence.

So if she isn’t sleeping exactly where I want, I scoot her around by a (gentle) shove to the butt. If she is at the foot of the bed, and I want her to come sleep by me, I pat the bed incessantly. “Evangeline.” Pat, pat, pat. “Evangeline.” Pat, pat, pat. “Evangeline.” If she is EXACTLY where I want her to be, I curl my knee around her so she can’t escape.

Don’t report me to the ASPCA.

Evangeline, also escaping to the sofa for a nap

Dogs in the bed, Sleeping with your dog

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